Give a man a reputation as an early riser and he can sleep ‘til noon, said Mark Wright.

Perhaps you had to read that sentence twice over because you had a late one.

Oh, and it was actually Mark Twain that said it.

And speaking of late nights, a career in bartending means that you can sleep until noon if you like and not give a flying fruit punch what anybody else thinks because you earned it baby.

But as Lord Fontaine Preachy of PreachyFields Manor once said, it’s the early bird that catches the worm (at the bottom of the tequila bottle). Yup, those that put their daytime downtime to good use likewise stand a greater chance of becoming a global brand ambassador for a drinks company.

Here endeth the first lesson.

Sounds like quite glamorous job though, eh?

The tips

Breaking into the bartending industry can be pretty simple if you have the type of personality that’s outgoing, you like making drinks, and speaking to hotties.

But this short-changes this industry. Mixology isn’t a load of old Hogwarts. It’s real.

Once upon a time all it took was one whiff of the barmaid’s apron and punters were happy. But bartending these days requires skill, application and knowledge because people are generally drinking less but more demanding of quality drinks.

They expect bartenders to know about the provenance of the ingredients and the history of the brand right down to whether the grandfather of the founder preferred crunchy peanut butter or smooth.

People are far more brand-aware full stop. Just look at what’s happened to gin. The bar-call ‘G&T’ is fading fast in favour of ‘I’ll have an ‘X’ and ‘X’ please and you must balance a jug of water on your head and eat cream crackers as you pour it.’

The plan

Those that are savvy plan ahead for which direction they’ll sail their ship before it ends up on the rocks when they reach the stage where the shaking, muddling and straining gets boring and they start every shift feeling like a wasp with toothache.

You may get a part time job while you’re studying and then decide to go full time thereafter. But show any type of promise in this industry and the time will come when you’re moved onto the fiscal/organisational side, i.e. counting money and doing rotas.

These are transferrable skills of course, but one of the best things you can do is network by doing your own PR, like speaking to trade industry magazines and entering cocktail competitions and bar apprenticeship programs where brand ambassadors with contacts lurk.

Where will it all end?

The life of a global brand ambassador entails being a good communicator and equally as good a host. You’ve also got to be fond of hotel elbow-banger shower cubicles.

Plus there’s also mentoring and problem solving too, as well as being a natural orator and a good storyteller.

Boutique drinks companies as well as the bigger drinks companies are forever on the lookout for those that tick all of these boxes, as well having bar experience under their belts too of course.

We can’t guarantee it’ll be quite as shiny and as glamorous as the Ferrero Rocher ambassadors’ reception (some of you may wish to Google that reference) but it’s defo a bit of a bobby-dazzler career nonetheless.

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