Let’s talk Business – Consultancy Management as Career Path

Let’s talk Business – Consultancy Management as Career Path

The glance of the business world is quiet attractive for the high rank in this industry.

Several paths can open you different doors and lead to build up to the highest possible position in this sector. This is the perfect role for people with people skills, organisation skills and problem solvers – solution seekers – nothing is impossible.

You need to have a slick skill set in order to be successful in the business world. One of the most underestimated skill you need is patients, which you require throughout the whole lather step for step. Being high headed will not bring you higher. You will need patience in development, building relationships and also people skills, what are they? These are the once who will always challenge you no matter what so be prepared to have a positive mindset.

Consultancy is a direct one to one role with clients with who you have to build a relationship first in order to meet their requirements and needs. This is not quiet common to have as natural skill as you will have variety individuals in different levels to deal with.

Careers in management consulting follow a general rule of thumb that the more senior you are, the greater your exposure to clients – and to senior clients in particular. There’s an expectation that a few years into your consulting career you’ll quit to do an MBA – and then come back again.

If you go to work for a consulting firm straight from a first (bachelor’s) degree, you can expect to go in as a business analyst. This mostly means you’ll be ‘data gathering.’ Helping to bring together all the research and data that goes into the making of the ‘deck’ which contains the firm’s analysis of the client’s problem and its proposed solutions. However, it is up to business analysts, working with other members of their team, to bring the contents together in a presentation that looks interesting and tells a story about how the consulting firm proposes to solve the client’s issues

Throughout a career at a consultancy firm, consultants generally try to progress to the top. At every firm a growth path can take shape differently, but on the whole advisors go through at least five to seven ranks at an advisory organisation before entering the highest tier.

The next function up the consultancy career ladder is often (Senior) Manager. In this role, you manage all aspects and phases of a project and are the one held accountable for meeting project deadlines. Moreover, you function as the first point of contact for clients and are responsible for delivering solutions to the business challenges they face. Managers also play a role in internal activities, including the development of service propositions, business development and the development of thought leadership.

This again one of the sectors in which you can work with a wide range of different clients. Over the years of gaining experience in different sectors you will have a greater insight about different industries and their development one thing you will always earn brownie points with new clients – knowledge is power.

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