Travel & Tourism – The World is your playground

Travel & Tourism – The World is your playground

Do you just want to pack your bag and explore the world?

Go for it!

Working in Travel and Tourism is a great way to explore the world without having to save up years beforehand.

Travel & Tourism is growing around the world, if you consider to just leave everything behind and go on an adventure this is the ideal sector for you to enter.

You can develop with this experience in so many areas. Travel is one of the best ways to learn.

You cover everything in this sector, people, professional and personal skills, different cultural backgrounds and learning new language skills. – And you get to see the most amazing places on this planet.

This particular sector can be entered in many different directions, with or without qualifications.

In terms of qualifications – what you need to know

A Career in travel and tourism is a great option to follow. Most travel and tourism courses have different sectors that contribute to that are expected to grow quickly within the coming years.

International tourism courses teach students about how global issues can impact the industry. Topics covered include politics, economics, sociology, environmental concerns and international tourism management. These classes are usually required but can be taken anytime during a college career.

The main requirements are good customer service skills and a good attitude towards customers. You may need English and maths GCSEs. It is important to be hard-working, good at problem-solving and able to work in a team. Having travel and tourism qualifications at level 1 or 2 will help your applications.

Typical career paths to enter.

  • Holiday representative
  • Tour manager
  • Tourism officer
  • Tourist information centre manager
  • Travel agency manager
  • Event manager.
  • Outdoor activities/education manager

This is also one of the industries in which you can work even on a self – employment basis one day in any country! Exciting isn’t it?!

But what’s the difference between travel and tourism?

The best way to think of the difference between travel and tourism is one is part of the other but this did does not mean that they are the same. In short, tourism is a part of travel, but not all travel is tourism. When a person travels for tourism, he or she is travelling for leisure.

Travel, on the other hand, is broad. People can travel for many reasons. For example, a person can travel for business to a remote region to start a mining company. If he or she does that, there might be nothing there, certainly no industries for tourism.

Travelling can be also in terms of the well-known backpacking, you just pick a region and take your bag and off you go, this is a combined version most likely in terms of leisure and learning experience. For example Work & Travel.

You learn in adventures more than in just a classroom. This sector can provide you with the balance of both.

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