What is Rat Race Magazine?

Rat Race Magazine is a Student/College based magazine in Northern Ireland that showcases every working industry and what to expect from your chosen field. Our aim is that students will take a look into each industry and see what it has to offer, before or shortly after they make the decision to choose their career.

The website will include students from all walks of life and will be accessible to everyone, including people who are on jobs and benefits or who are looking for a change in career. We want to make sure everyone has an excellent insight into their chosen field, including realistic salaries, hours of work, what to wear, how to conduct an interview, how to shake someone’s hand, gaining relationships, room for growth, the plan to get their i.e Qualifications, work experience, and training schemes.

We are confident that Rat Race Magazine will provide those who don’t know how they want to move forward with their a career with practical advice and useful connections also, we want to assist in positive mental health. Mental health issues in the 21st century are reaching a crisis point with the average age becoming younger. The rate of suicide in young people is getting worse and fears and worries about the future are a contributing factor. We want RatRace Magazine to help reduce this worry. The World Health Organisation report for children across Europe says that in general mental health declines as children move into adolescence. The average age for depression in the 1960’s was 45 years now it is closer to 16 years. Giving young people and those unemployed more positive options at the click of a button, less worry and confusion regarding their future must have a
positive impact. 

With all of this, we feel that Rat Race has a unique opportunity to grow fast. We have secured 5 of the local regional colleges. That is currently 150,000 students, they will have access to the online platform in and out of school. We have been assured that the platform will be available at the click of a button on the Student online platform that they currently access all their course work, student and teacher comments etc.